Saturday, July 5, 2008

'X-VILLE' Oil Paintings - 1987-2004

Its time for a few oil paintings... These are from a series called X-VILLE. To me, X-VILLE means, well... In the future, something has gone very wrong!

The first painting is called 'A few more monkeys should do the trick!' Here's a scientist of the future!

This is X-27 and X-252. They work for the government. Their job is to secretly screw with the little guy, funded with tax-payer's money.

X-VILLE is a place where the future collides with the past!.. This Martian Mummy would like to get his hands on that little barking noise-box, but, its just too darn quick!

Make sure you know where you're going in the future, because, you never know where you might end up! Like, here... At the creepy Batt Family's place...

Politics will stay about the same!

And, whatever you do, stay away from these 'Green Freaks' in Idaho!

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