Thursday, July 17, 2008

WFP Movie Monster Ideas / 2000-04

Here are a few photos of some monster ideas for our movies as we were developing them. The name of the company was WFP. The first 3 pics are of our favorite freak, Al!

This full scale 'dead' head was a prop used in our retro psycho comedy, THE CREEP! Some girl back east bought it. Girls bought a lot of my stuff!

This was the make-up concept for a movie that would be called TEENAGE VIRUS-BOY!

I love the Mexican way of doing things!

This is close to the design of the robots in SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES, our second movie. A sci-fi horror comedy!

A nuclear Boxhead meltdown!


silvano said...

Hello ! I came here directed by Brian's blog ; glad I did ! Your blog is totally cool , but what I liked most are you B/W ink pieces , could we see more ?
Best Regards

Gary Wray said...

Yes, S., coming right up for Saturday! And, there'll be plenty more where those came from - Thanks!