Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pen + Ink Collaborations w/ Tompkins & Worden / 1987-8

Here are six pen + ink pieces I collaborated on with pals Roy Tompkins and Dennis Worden. The first five are with Tompkins, he pencilled, sent'em to me from Texas and I inked and kept them. He inked and kept the pencils I sent him. They were based on dumb-ass phrases we separately came up with and we pencilled our own phrases.

This last piece here was done with Worden. We both contributed to half of a Ray Zone 'Zomoid' mini comic in 1988 called THE END! Dennis first inked in his part, the guy reading the paper and his friend, and I added the rest. I like Zipatone!

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silvano said...

This stuff is INCREDIBLE ! looks like it's out of a seventies' underground comic ( which I love )!
Just last week I did a couple of pieces in pencil and partially inked them , then sent the original pieces to a friend who is finishing the inking ( and doin' a great job at it )somehow like you and your pal from TX did ...