Sunday, July 6, 2008

Basil Wolverton Monster Images / 1981-1997

BRAIN BATS!!... Here's a colored piece I did for myself, to hang with the rest of my 'walls of monsters and inspiration' in my studio. Our movie company even has a script called THINGS FROM MARS that was inspired by this hideous parasite!!

Another pen and ink drawing I did from FLIGHT TO THE FUTURE!

A large piece from SWAMP MONSTER!

Another personal drawing of mine... This panel is so bizarre, how inspired!!.. One reason Basil is my main man!!

The next four photos are of trading card ideas I had but never submitted. All are from Basil's comic panels during the '50s with the story title printed there.

Basically, I chose the image I liked, touched it up, added text with a border and recolored it.

Each of the many stories would have like 20 images.

What a fantastic set of trading cards that would be!!

The last one here, THEY CRAWL BY NIGHT, are probably my favorite panels, totally creepy! Its like 1954!!.. Basil kicks booty!

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