Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here are 2 pieces I did using collaged images, copied on xerox, then, drawn on with either ink of black colored pencil. Both were colored by computer.

I had been doing some simple collage pieces when the WEIRDO Magazine 'ugly art' contest came up in 1985, so, I decided to get more complicated, and, it paid off. Pal Brian Riedel's excellent piece is also in that issue, WEIRDO #15!

Teen-age Mutant is another piece similiar to the WEIRDO one in complexity.


Paleo said...

You were the Winner of that Weirdo Ugly Art Contest! and deservely so!i've wanted to see more of your stuff for years, and it was worth the wait, there's so much amazing art in this blog... i don't know where to begin, except to say Thanks! and keep it up!

gary wray said...

Thanks, Paleo, glad you like the art, I really have a lot of fun doing this stuff - I'm working on a list of all my published comic work, so, be looking for that soon!