Saturday, August 30, 2008

WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE - 1952 Comic Covers / Collage and Colored Pencil / 1979

These pieces are hanging right here, I created them to inspire me and are probably my finest work. In 1978 I decided to get into comics, and, the reason was because of the image of the top cover with it's big rubber monster by Basil Wolverton. I saw the image in an early Overstreet and I knew what I wanted to do, since I love monsters so much!

This is the comic WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE #2. They are 18" x 24" in size, each piece of the image is a cut-out, rendered with colored pencil, then glued down on board. An extremely time consuming procedure so I only did a total of eight pieces.

This one is WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE #3, another mind boggling image by Basil. Basil was one of the few comic artists that was able to work from home and mail in the art to the publisher. Also, he was paid extra for layout and lettering!!

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