Sunday, September 28, 2008

8 x 3 MONSTER PALS Sculptures / Wood + Sculpting Material / 2003-4

Here are some mini pals, all about 4" tall. Lots of personality in this pack of lil' monsters against yellow backgrounds!

3 BLACK + WHITES / Pen + Ink + Zipatone / 1980-1

Here's 3 more b/w pages, the second piece was published in FANDOM DIRECTORY #2.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SCULPTURE ART / Computerized Photos / 1998

You can see from the previous post how the realistic look of the sculpture photo is transferred to the painting.

Lost MONSTER BUDDIES / Oil Paintings / 2005

Here are 2 paintings that I didn't have photos of for some reason... But, Kim has these pieces in his possession at this time and so I'm able to put them up, thanks to him!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pulp and Comic COVER REPRODUCTIONS / Collage + Colored Pencil / 1980

More pieces from 1980, part of a series of large classic covers I did. They are 18' x 24" in size, each piece of the image is a Color-Aid paper cut-out, rendered with colored pencil, then, glued down on board. The ASTOUNDING piece was lost, the EC was traded for a primo '50s Wolverton comic.

FILM FIENDS Lost Page / Pen + Ink / 1980

Here is the page that was lost by FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, thus, only published in LOLLAPALOOSA #5. You can see that the title is different, because, I figured out later that a few of the monsters I included in the image were actually from the '60s, and, that's why I changed it! It was shaded with ball point pen.